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The Story

This photoshoot was concieved by photographer Calvin James and model Kezina. It got off to a rocky start when our makeup artist bailed on shoot at the last minute. But thanks to the resourcefullness of our awsome model we were able to proceed with the shoot with makeup by Channelle Willams.

We started out the shoot with a White seamless backdrop by Savage Universal. Lighting was a socked Beauty dish above our model. She was sandwiched tightly between 8′ white foamboard panels for even fill and flat lighting.

Part 2 of the shoot was Blue Seamless and I liked this one a lot more than the white for this theme. Lighting was Einstein 640 strobes in medium soft silver parabolic umbrella as the main light on camera left. Fill light was Einstein 640 in large octabox on camera right.

The Makeup process was about 1 hour and Kezina came prepared with the flowers for the theme. She built the headpiece herself and planned the layout. Lighting was carefully set up for F8 with the aid of a Sekonic light meter. Once the lighting was spot on we just had to wait, and it was worth it. Take a look at some of the shots from the session.

This was a fun shoot and tool about 3-4 hours. Thanks Kezina, Channelle and Calvin. Hope to work with you all again soon.

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